Sensor Charts is a powerful tool able to record automatically in background all sensors data and render it at your command in wonderful and colorful charts.

🌟 It works from Android 6.0 to the new Android 12.0

It supports a myriad of sensor types*:

☁️ Pressure
🛳️ Magnetometer
💡 Light
⚡️ Battery
⚡️ Battery Temperature
⚡️ Battery Voltage
🚀 Proximity
📱 Memory (Free)
📱 RAM (Free)
🏃 Step Counter
🌞 Screen Brightness

Don't wait any longer: if you don't chart your data, you don't know it for true. Start to know your sensors, you'll love ❤️ any single chart 📈📉

Sensor Charts will show you:

🌟 time ranges in pie charts (to answer questions like: how long has your screen been turned off in the current month?)

🌟 historic data by day and month in linear charts. You can zoom on charts with two fingers and check when your battery left you or when it was discharging very fast.

And you'll be able to discover more and more: the only limit is just your immagination 🌈

*N.B.: Available sensors depend on their actual presence on your device.